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Cousin Camp 2007 July 31, 2007

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For a few days this past week my mom organized a cousin camp. This allows cousin who don’t see each other very often a chance to get reacquainted with each other. She also had activities for them to do like decorating a t-shirt, and making a stepping stone. The idea partially came from my sister-in-law Geina. Her mother-in-law has had a cousin camp every summer for several years and invited Braden a couple of summers ago. The pictures explain the activities better than I could.

Making the forms for the stepping stones

Decorating the stone

Some of the cousins


Ashlee turns one year old! July 30, 2007

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This past Saturday(28th) Ashlee celebrated her first birthday. We had Grandmas and Grandpas over as well as aunts, uncles and cousins. We grilled up some hamburgers and hot dogs and had watermelon to make it a true summer cook out. Ashlee has been so calm and easy going. I suppose that means she will be a hard teenager, hopefully not. She is not quite walking yet but has been seen standing on her own. She loves to be chased by anyone who threatens a tickling. Some of the pictures are of her with the traditional 1st birthday cake. Apparently she’s not a huge fan of cake but she did like the feel of the icing between her fingers. I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Ashlee and more cake

A very tired party girl

In all her glory


January Cruise July 10, 2007

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This past January we went on a cruise around the southern California area. We stopped in San Diego, Catalina Island, and Ensanada Mexico. We had alot of fun on such a big ship. The pictures are some of the things we saw on Catalina Island. Casino on Catalina Island, The mighty Monarc of the Sea, Streets of Avalon, Braden after an activity.