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Pictures September 17, 2008

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I hate that I don’t have the charger…  I lost the charger to my camera…  That is how I link to the real world.  And so I “NP-BG1” Lithiun ion Type G Sony…  I hate it…………


Mountain View, WY. Burley, ID. Kaysville, Ut. September 2, 2008

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My family went to go see Blaine and Angie and Jace and Jenna; while we were at it we took a family pictures in Mountain View, WY.  We went to go see baby Jenna blessed in Burley, ID.   Kaysville, Ut; I made salsa with my sisters and my mom.  It was fun.  We started at 9:00am and didn’t finish until 8:00pm; we made 129 jars.