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About Jackie and Devan June 17, 2007

Jackie and I met at Utah State University in the fall of 1998. We were married on July 9th, 1999 in the Bountiful LDS Temple. We have three kids: Braden, born in 2001; Brooke, who was too sweet and special for this world, was still born in 2004; and Ashlee who was born 2006. We love to go to Disneyland whenever possible.

Our Family

Our Family


3 Responses to “About Jackie and Devan”

  1. Sharon Chatelain Says:

    Jackie, I don’t know if you will remember me or not but I lived in the Clinton 17th ward and was your RS President. Guess what I am back in RS and just keep thinking of you and your sister singing. I would love to have you sing for me again. Please contact me at my email address. Your family looks adorable. You look wonderful. I would love to hear from you. Hope all is well and look forward to your reply. Sharon

  2. Jackie Says:

    I do…

  3. Nikki Says:


    How are you doing, I haven’t talked to you for some time. I hope all is going well for you. We need to go to a Wyoming FB game next season; they will be playing here in Vegas.


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